The Rossiter Family Tree
For a long time I had considered the idea of researching the Rossiter family history, to create my own family tree. However, I was put off by the knowledge that others have already done an enormous amount of research and that there was no point in duplicating it.
Then it hit me! The web is the ideal medium for a family tree, in fact, a Virtual Family Tree. Because of its ability to link information, anyone, anywhere in the world can join in or contribute. Each person in the tree has a single page with hyper links to each of their immediate family: parents, spouse and children. Using the links you can trace up, down or across the whole family.
I have therefore set up as a starting point for any members of the Rossiter family, world-wide to include their own information. I will include links, free of charge, for anyone who has created pages of their own.
Initially, I am most interested in the Wexford Rossiters as I am one of them. However, I will add information on other branches of the family if asked to. My hope is that eventually we will have most of the family worldwide included, with the possibility of getting from any member to any other using links.
Please let me know if you like the idea and would like to join in. I have provided the starting point and my immediate family information, it's up to you to provide the rest.